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We deliver unique and high-quality pearls from Kobe, the birthplace of the cultured pearl trade, to countries around the world.
About Andy Müller

Since coming to Japan in 1968, the current chairman, Andy Muller, has been based in Kobe, a world-famous pearl distribution city, and has been engaged in the cultivation and distribution of South Sea pearls.

has contributed greatly to its development.

In addition to his career as a pioneer, he has received international acclaim as an expert in the South Sea pearl industry due to his deep expertise in pearls and his outstanding observational eye. has received high praise from all over the world, including Europe and North America.


1947 Born in Switzerland

1969 Traveled to Hong Kong

1972 Appointed President of Gorey Bushel Japan

2002 Established HINATA Trading Co., Ltd.

  Over the course of his career, he has visited Tahiti more than 200 times.

  Proud, the record continues to be updated even now.

-Career Highlights-
1991 Received a medal from the Burmese government

1997 From the President of French Polynesia

  Received the title of Chevalier dans L'ordre de Tahiti Nui

2009 From the Gemmological Society of Switzerland

  Received the Gemological Excellence Award

- Presentations -
   1994 Pearls '94 Hawaii
1998 Swiss Gemmological Society
1999 International GIA Symposium in San Diego, USA 
2000 Bangkok, Thailand GIA/TGJTA 
2005 GemmoBasel, Basel, Switzerland
2009 European Gemmological Symposium, Bern, Switzerland


We handle carefully selected pearls with unusual colors and shapes, such as baroque pearls, as well as luster and brilliance on the surface of pearls.
In addition, we use a lot of high-quality pearls nurtured in the sea for our brand pearls, and we promise that the pearls will be passed down to the next generation for years and decades.


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